Compliance Management Systems (CMS) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) are closely aligned and essential to maintaining stability, integrity, and an impactful community presence. A robust CMS would not be complete without an Enterprise Risk component, and vice versa. Additionally, ERM continues to increase in regulatory focus for banks of all sizes. As a result, we’ve incorporated ERM into the curriculum for a fully integrated learning experience. Participants will understand how Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management differ, how they come together, and the hot topics to ensure success.
View Agenda.  13.5 CRCM Credits. 

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    Introduction to Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management
    Building a Sound Compliance Management Program
    What is Enterprise Risk Management?
    Vendor Management: Managing the Risk and the Relationship
    Effective Policy Development and Training
    Marketing and Advertising Compliance
    Consumer Complaints and Response Program
    Risk Assessments and Mitigation
    Change Management
    Preparing for an Examination
    Cybersecurity and Information Security
    Compliance Hot Topics and Open Forum