Education by Bank Role

Michigan Bankers Association is here to help guide you through your banking career. View job descriptions. To help you with the process, below you will find recommended training for various functional positions within a bank.  It’s never been easier to map your own career in banking or to help shape the careers of your talented team.

These training resources can help you and your employees build the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your/their current roles and prepare for future growth opportunities.  Looking for Women in Banking resources?  Visit the our resources page.

Universal Banker/Personal Banker
Retail Banking Series
ABA Bank Teller Certificate  (please select "member" to access)
Frontline Webinars
In-Person Seminars
Bankers Education Summit and Trade Show (BEST)
Personal Banker Certification  (please select "member" to access)
ABA Customer Service Representative Certificate
(please select "member" to access)
ABA General Banking Diploma

Branch Manager
Branch Admin Forum
Branch Leadership Workshop
ABA Branch Manager Certificate (please select "member" to access)
Bank Customer Service Webinar Training
In-Person Seminars
Branch Administrators Forums
Bankers Education Summit and Trade Show (BEST)
ABA Team Leader Certificate (please select "member" to access)
MBA Perry Schools of Banking

Cash Management/Treasury
Cash Management/Treasury Forum
MBA Seminars

Bankers Education Summit and Trade Show (BEST)
Graduate School of Banking – Madison

Residential Mortgage Lender
Introduction to Mortgage Lending (please select "member" to access)
ABA Residential Mortgage Lender Certificate (please select "member" to access)
In-Person Seminars
Retail Lending Webinars
Bankers Education Summit and Trade Show (BEST)
MBA Perry Schools of Banking
Graduate School of Banking – Madison

Commercial/Ag Lender

Compliance and Risk Management

SBS CyberSecurity Certifications
Technology Forums
Technology Webinars (choose Technology in dropdown)
MBA Perry Schools of Banking
Bankers Education Summit and Trade Show (BEST)

Retail Banking and Marketing

Trust Officer

Midwest Trust and Wealth Management Conference
ITM TwentyFirst University
Corporate Trust Briefings
Certified Trust & Financial Advisor (CTFA)
Certified Corporate Trust Specialist (CCTS)
Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP)
Certified Retirement Services Professional (CRSP)
Certified Securities Operations Professional (CSOP)
ABA Wealth and Trust Schools
Cannon Financial Schools
ABA CTFA Boot Camp
Wealth Management and Trust Online Training

Board Secretary

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Training for the Board of Directors
Leading More Successful Projects
Leadership & Operations Online Training
MBA Peer Forum - New for Board Secretary/Executive Assistant

Please contact Stephanie Fisher, Director of Education with questions or for additional training opportunities. We welcome your input as we expand this member resource.