ChatGPT: The Hottest (and and Scariest) Technology of 2023

ChatGPT: The Hottest (and and Scariest) Technology of 2023
Date: July 13 Time: 10:30 AM (EST) Just a few months ago, a plain little website shared a free “Research Preview” of ChatGPT, and the world as we know it changed forever. ChatGPT can write whole essays from a simple text prompt, formulate 100 social media post ideas from a single sentence, create computer code with just a description and compose poetry and songs in any artist's style in milliseconds. It'll create a summary from a long legal document, recommend resources for research and, by the time you read this, make your bed and bring you coffee. With this type of AI tool, there are ethical issues, legal issues, bias issues, quality issues, creativity issues, copyright issues, issue issues... and issues we haven't even considered. Join Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend, for an in-depth look at ChatGPT.
7/13/2023 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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