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The MBA Perry Schools of Banking has a long history of helping its students gain a broader knowledge and understanding of major banking functions such as credits, investments, asset and liability management, planning and control, regulatory issues, human resources and marketing. The school is governed by a board of trustees. Students are in residence one week each year for the three years. Students spend a minimum of 40 hours in the classroom and work on projects throughout the year. They also take comprehensive final exams, along with competing in the Bank Simulations!

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MBA Perry Schools of Banking May 4-9, 2025


Since 1945, the Graduate School of Banking (GSB) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been educating professionals and creating leaders in the banking industry.  As the financial services industry has changed, so has GSB. GSB Graduates Receive a GSB Diploma Plus a Certificate of Executive Leadership from Wisconsin School of Business. View scholarships. Scholarship application.

MinBanc Foundation Grants

The MinBanc program reimburses training costs for minority- and women-owned banks, including training with ABA. Learn more about the program and find out if you qualify.