Are you looking to promote your specialized knowledge and expertise?  MBA certification programs can help you gain the respect of your peers and supervisors.

Invest in Your Future
  • Universal Banker Certification
    With constant change facing community banks, in-person transactions falling, overall visits declining, we must find ways to engage our customers, new customers, and the community. We must find ways to deliver better customer service in a more efficient manner. Universal Banker Certification Program is a 4-day, comprehensive program for beginning, and new community bankers that focuses on creating a customer friendly environment on a budget. This school will focus on how we deliver the ultimate customer experience, streamlining work processes to make things fun for employees and the customer, resulting in the optimal bank of the future. The program includes group discussion and problem solving, fresh ideas through presentation, and a case-study.
    • Who Should Attend
      Bankers from any department within the bank. These bankers may be new hires, beginning bankers, or bankers with years of experience. They are the emerging bankers who want to become qualified to move laterally or forward in the organization.

  • Branch Manager Certification
    This exciting, four-day series will focus on the next generation manager who will be leading the transition to customer relationship management, and to managing an active advisory environment for the customer to achieve financial goals. The next gen manager will be leading this vital transformation. The program will focus on the critical skills and expectations that need to be developed to ensure that the next generation branch manager will exceed expectations and goals set for him or her. Participants will engage in discussions, small group activities, and skills practices to ensure that ideas are shared and learning is entertaining and adopted.
    • Who Should Attend
      Vice presidents, assistant vice presidents, branch managers, managers, assistant managers, supervisors, training coordinator

Train Your Cyber Brain with Online Certifications for Community Banks

The SBS Institute is uniquely designed to serve the banking industry by providing cyber education to better prepare students and their financial institution for cybersecurity threats and regulations. These banking specific, role-based certifications allow students to master the concepts and technologies required to perform essential cybersecurity functions. The SBS Institute certifications include real-world cybersecurity issues and establish solutions that make cybersecurity responsibilities more efficient and effective.
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