MiBankPAC, the political action committee of your MBA, determines which candidates should receive financial support. Candidates are selected based on their championing and understanding of the banking industry and a vibrant business climate in Michigan. It's time for your voice to be heard.

Looking for the MiBankPAC form? Please email abouchard@mibankers.com

Relationships Built Through Access Prove Vital During COVID-19

The continued support the MiBankPAC has received from bankers like you has been invaluable to the MBA’s efforts in these unique and challenging times. With one of if not the only state banking association PAC in the country to experience continued growth in the past number of years the MBA Advocacy team has had unprecedented opportunity to build relationships with leaders and decision makers in Lansing and Washington. Our team has direct cell phone numbers for nearly every member of congress and strong established relationships with key stakeholders in the Michigan Legislature, Governor’s Office, and leaders in the administration such as DIFS Director Anita Fox. These long- standing relationships have proved pivotal in gathering timely information, sharing the needs of the industry with decision makes and securing informative guest speakers for our daily morning banker calls. All of this is made possible because bankers in Michigan understand their responsibility to the industry and the most important role they play in supporting and advocating for it. Please consider joining the nearly 1,000 of your colleagues who supported the MiBankPAC last year and give today!