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Michigan State Board of Canvassers Officially Approve Ballot Initiatives
As ordered by the Michigan Supreme Court, the Board of Canvassers voted in September to certify ballot proposals to establish a constitutional right to an abortion (Reproductive Freedom for All) as well as the proposal enshrining broader voting rights in the MI Constitution (Promote the Vote 2022). The high court issued orders on both measures to certify the two items for the November ballot. Canvassers voted unanimously 4-0 on both measures to be certified.

Proposal 1 – Voters for Transparency and Term Limits
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Prop 1 requires the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and all members of the state legislature to file annual public financial disclosures.
• Michigan voters have been kept in the dark for far too long. We have no clue how our most powerful elected officials receive money because Michigan is one of only two states in the nation that doesn’t require state elected officials to disclose their finances or conflicts of interest.

Prop 1 reduces the maximum number of years legislators can serve from 14 to 12.

• This reform will make our politicians accountable to the people and less focused on career pursuits.
• Legislators would have the option of serving any combination of years in the House or Senate, slowing the revolving door of elected officials.

Public opinion polling shows 80% of Michigan voters support Prop 1
• A public poll conducted by The Detroit News and WDIV showed 80% of Michigan voters in support and only 9% opposed.
• Internal polling shows similar results.

No More Time for Career Politicians has formed to oppose Prop. 9
• No More Time for Career Politicians is a Washington, DC-based lobbying group using undisclosed dark money.
• They have already placed $250,000 on Grand Rapids TV scheduled to begin Sept. 9, the opening salvo of what is expected to be millions in spending.
• Voters for Transparency and Term Limits is 100% funded by Michiganders and publicly discloses all donations.

To learn more about all proposals, click here to access the website. 

For questions regarding the ballet initiatives, contact Alex Morris here.